Friday, February 27, 2015

Thirsty Thursday: A taste of new authors

Book Blurb From the desk of Roger Huntman, co-author of the Book of Madness, comes a new adventure of a steam punk Victorian London, set with modern heroes thrown into the past to stop a time traveler. Trooper X a.k.a. Lance Derringer is the Ninja trained paranormal detective. Hired to find another author who has dabbled in dark powers . He stumbles into a portal to the past. With a steamy acquaintance with the mother of a legendary detective he sets out to return the author home and stop Jack the Ripper. Armed with the author’s research on The Ripper can he stop her from interfering with Jack the Ripper and can he stop the Ripper without unraveling history? Racing against time Trooper X acts as a sidekick to save the universal balance and stop another Book of Madness.

 Author Bio
Roger Huntman (1971-????) was born in Fremont, Nebraska but lived in Norfolk Nebraska, Sioux City IA, Minneapolis Minnesota. He now resides in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. He has degrees in Psychology, Theology, a Masters in Education and a minor in Art. None of which he can find a decent day job at.
During the night he fights for justice...err no he drinks Latte's at coffee shops, role plays and writes. He is the author of such favorites as:

Vampire Hotel, Jack the Ripper's Secret, Ancient Steel the role playing game, Vampire Hunt (RPG supplement), Zombie Convention (RPG supplement) and co author of Book of Madness.

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