Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bound to You by AR DeClerck


Bound to You Cover Reveal

By AR DeClerck

Jackson Baine is a man who has a gift, and he has never thought twice about selling it to the highest bidder. His newest job is with the biggest terraforming company in the universe, and the money he will earn will be enough to buy him and his crew retirement on any planet in any galaxy they choose. Jacks' only problem? Ferrell Terraforming has assigned him a company liason to watch his every move and protect their interests. Well, not his only problem. Lia Bernardi is smart, beautiful and far too interesting. She turns Jacks' head in a way no woman ever has. And she is one giant distraction he does not need on the surface.

Lia is ready to climb the company ladder, get out from under her egotistical boss, and make her overbearing father proud. All she has to do is turn one empty, dead planet into an oasis. Her bosses assure her Jackson Baine is the key to doing it, and all she has to do is see to his every comfort and keep him in line. Both of which, Lia soon learns, is far harder than she anticipated. Jackson Baine is an enticing man, and he threatens every wall she's put up between herself and the world.

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Author Bio:


AR DeClerck was born and raised in the mountains of NC. She currently resides in the Quad Cities, IL with her husband and two daughters. She writes romance in a lot of sub-genres and loves to read and write sci-fi romance especially. She contributes her love of reading and writing to her mother, who always has a book handy.

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