Tuesday, February 24, 2015



by AR DeClerck

available for pre-order March 1, 2015
on sale April 2015
Cover reveal March 1, 2015
She blinked. The bond between them was blossoming with every touch. She ran her finger over his lips. He shook her a little.
She rolled her hips, and he closed his eyes, his jaw taunt. "God. Stop."
"I'm not afraid, Jacks."
"I am."
She froze. Reality came back in the next moment, and the weight of it crashed over her. She sagged against him.
"Why did you stop it?" She let him hold her, rubbing her back gently as her body slowly came down from the lust-drenched high. She still wanted him, but she was in control now.
"Too much, too soon." He held her tighter. "I won't let it scare you off, and I don't think you're ready. Hell, I don't think I'm ready."
He was right. If they'd gone farther, as far as putting their bodies together on every level, it might have been too much. The sensations of his kiss were enough to cloud her head, make her wild. She had no way to know what sex with him might do to her. To them. She might never have come back down.
"It's a drug." She curled her fingers in his shirt, the steady beat of his heart soothing her. "Every second we're together I get more and more addicted to you."
"I know."
"I've never been so close to losing control."
He sighed. "It's not a bad thing to want someone so much you lose control. Sex isn't about control. It's about abandoning all your inhibitions because you trust the person you're with. I want you to lose control; to forget everything and everyone but me."
"I think I already have."
His arms were tight around her, his lips in her hair. "Good."
She leaned up, kissing his chin. "We are going to have sex eventually, aren't we?"
He laughed so hard that he shook with his amusement, moving her on top of him. She waited until he quieted and then he was very, very serious when he looked at her again.
"Absolutely, Lia. I want to kiss every single inch of you all night long, until you scream my name and beg for mercy."
She lost her breath, the image too erotic to contemplate. "Will you? Give me mercy?"
He grinned. "No. But I will let you retaliate."
On the surface of a long-forgotten planet Lia Bernardi and Jackson Baine will discover that the secrets the dead keep can always come back to haunt you.

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