Sunday, February 25, 2018

Progress Update: What's Next?

What Is AR DeClerck Working On?

It's that time again, folks! Quarterly update time! If you've been keeping up with what I'm up to, you'll know that I released the first book in the Shadowlyte Shifters Saga this month. This is a brand new Victorian Shifter Romance series, featuring the siblings of the Warwick family. So, what's next?

Takamo Universe has changed their publisher, so the Aeon Project series (super sexy, super sweet cyborgs!) is back on track. Book 2, Dark Star, is in edits and my next project is to write Book 3, Decaying Orbit. Decaying Orbit is Vex's story and lovers of SF, romance and cyborgs are going to fall hard for this hero and his awesome heroine. 

A novella in the Key Holders series, called Wayward, should be coming for readers who love my angels. I'm expecting to be able to release it by end of March! This is Uriel and Anah's story and it's a brief interlude in the search for surviving angels while they find their love again. 

Once Decaying Orbit is completed, I'll be focusing on Book 2 in the Shadowlyte Saga (so far unnamed), which will be Wang Lei's story. 

Readers have been asking when I'll get back to the Alchemist's Kiss world, and I DO have plans for 3 more novels and a novella in that world. The first of the novels will be The Pharaoh's Heart, and will pick up with our intrepid adventurers in Egypt. I'm expecting to be able to release this book in the fall. 

SO! Readers, you have an idea of what I've been working on, and what's next from me. Is there a book or story you're dying to read? Someone's story you just can't live without?
Let me know! I'm anxious to hear how you like what I've done so far, and what I can do for you next.

Thanks for reading, adventurers!

~AR DeClerck




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