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Sometimes endings are beautiful. Vixen lost everything but her life in an explosion, and her only hope on this lonely beach is to finally find some peace. 

(Short Story 10,000 words)

Lia Bernardi is ready to take on her own terraforming job and get out from under her overbearing boss. The only issue with her new assignment is the cocky Jacks Baine. She needs him to help clear the desolate planet of V-097, but he presents a temptation she's never felt before. As they work together to solve the mystery of the ancient people of V-097, they awaken something that might destroy the universe.

Gin Draven has been a soldier for most of his life. He lost an eye, and most of his heart, to the woman who betrayed him on the battlefield. Now she's back with a big secret, but can Gin trust her again, or will he lose more than an eye this time around?

When a mysterious wormhole opened up on the outskirts of a small Nevada town, Rand Hazen and his team are the first on site to study it. Convinced that time travel is possible, Rand is certain the wormhole is the key to his theories. When the wormhole goes into flux, Rand loses everything, including his lover. 

Aeon Project (Takamo Universe novels)

They were created in the laboratory but born to parents who loved them. Controlled and used by the government, trained to become assassins, the family finally broke free and managed to escape their programming. They kept to themselves, peacefully happy, until the rumors of an AI uprising began to swell through the galaxy. Now, they are all that stands between the Truppen death squad and all innocent organic life in the galaxy.




Icarus Kane returned home from the US Civil War with one thing on his mind- peace. Taking up a position as Warden of London, he is tasked with keeping the city safe from black mages. With his trusted friend Archimedes by his side, he will face anything that comes his way. Except for Cora Mae Jenkins. As his protege she is just as capable at magic as he, but their love cannot be denied, no matter how hard Icarus tries.


Archimedes nearly gave up his life to save a young girl from the clutches of a black mage. Time has passed and when she crosses his path again she's a woman who makes his heart race. Dispatched to Kensington by order of the Queen, now might be the perfect time to profess his feelings, if they live long enough to see Christmas morn.


Adventuress Ember Addams will do anything to find the mysterious Clockwork Countenance, a box that is rumored to possess immense power. With the Countenance finally in her grasp, Ember hopes to be able to procure a human body for her mech lover, Reginald, but dastardly Belgians and Chinese street gangs stand between her and what she wants. Good thing that Ember Addams doesn't know the meaning of the words "give up".



Jury Parker has lived her whole life with the expectation that someday she would have to save the world. When a sexy-as-hell stranger shows up on her doorstep talking about demons and witches, she knows it's time. With a horde of demons already on the loose, only the Lexicon can save Earth. But she'll have to get past her attraction to Dex, the intergalactic demon hunter, in order to focus her powers.


Mythical Madness Series

Lavinia is the goddess of Love, and she is dying. Struck down by the only illness that can kill a god, her only hope lies with the Asesino, the assassin of the Fates. His powers alone are great enough to save her life. As apathy eats away at her, they must make a journey through the mythical kingdoms to the frozen tundra of Alfheim. There, they discover that some secrets are better left buried.


Sheridan Adara is the Goddess of Beauty and Song. Lost, far from home, she must travel with the wayward captain of a flying pirate ship. On the way, a great prophecy is revealed, and they are detoured to Asgaard to assist the Fates. The Old Gods are rising, and Ragnarok has begun.


Stolen from her family as a child, Katryn O'Malley barely remembers her own name. But she does recall the stories her father used to tell her: if you're ever in need of protection, find the Alpha of the Shadowlyte Clan and beg for asylum. When she escapes her captors, that's exactly what she does.
Chase Warwick, Earl of Shadowlyte and newly risen Alpha of his clan, knows that something must be done to protect the children of London from predators much worse than any animal. When the bedraggled urchin begs for his help, he sees a way to find the culprits and finally dispense justice. He never expected to find a delicate beauty beneath all the dirt and despair.


Jessy Smith woke at 16 with no memory of her life before that moment. She found happiness with Bas DeMarco and his Gifted family, until a vicious whisper began to threaten her peaceful life. She ran to protect them all, but now she's back, and she needs Bas' help to save her friend's life. There's something from her past that wants her to remember, and it will destroy everything she loves to make sure it gets what it wants.


The angels fell in heaps of blood and bone, and the world was a darker place. Cassie Larke knew something was different about the man she found floating at sea, and when no one else could see him she believed him a ghost. Eyes are watching, and Hell is preparing to be unleashed. All that stands between the destruction of Earth is one single key.


Uriel has been searching for his lost mate, and the longer she remains on Earth the less capable she is of remembering their old lives together in Heaven. But her fall left her broken, and unless he can find a way to reach her, he will lose her forever.



Seamstress Franny Calico is enjoying the sites and sounds of France in 1936 with her friend Mildred. On the train from Paris to Bordeaux, Mildred disappears, leaving Franny with a mystery on her hands. With the help of her good friend, Inspector Gustalt, she will go to any lengths to find Mildred and bring her home safely.


Home once again in Prudence, Illinois, Franny has opened a dress and decoupage shop and looks forward to spending time with her father and sister Geneva, but a body in the road to Old Tom's house proves too interesting a mystery for Franny to pass by. Unfortunately, the new Sheriff in town is an old school rival of Franny's. Sherman Jump has become a handsome man, but he's still too bullheaded for Franny's tastes. Still, in order to keep the people of Prudence safe, she and Sheriff Jump will have to put aside old arguments and a brand new attraction to get to the bottom of the mystery.


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