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SFR Brigade Showcase: Letters from Icarus Kane

Letters from Icarus Kane

London, 1870


Greetings to you from dreary London. I write to you in hopes this letter finds you well in the future. My magical scroll will bring this letter to you with well wishes from Cora, Archimedes, Lucia and the others. As requested, I have prepared my answers to your questions. I must tell you that I am uncomfortable answering such personal queries, but I shall do my best. My wife would allow nothing else, as you well know.

Your first question was: How is married life treating me?
I find it difficult to express the extent of happiness that has suffused my soul since my marriage to Cora. Our courtship was not the typical one, as you know. She is an easy woman to love, but I am not so easy. Coming face to face with my father and the events of my past has allowed me to accept this and to try to change it. Mostly unsuccessfully, they like to tell me.

How is your relationship with the aether?
Since discovering that the aether is both sentient and ancient, I have developed a tentative and respectful friendship with the intelligence that powers our magic. It has created, as you'd imagine, unparalleled opportunity to learn from them. Their rules, however, make it difficult to learn and ask questions, and they cannot break their three rules. 

Is my bromance still strong with Archimedes?
I confess I did not understand this term "bromance" as it alludes to an improper relationship between Archimedes and I that most certainly does not exist. My darling wife tells me that this infers a deep and lasting friendship, and so to this I can answer. Archimedes is a man of loyalty, courage and deep understanding of human nature that I will never possess. There is no man I would rather have at my side, or guarding my back, than him. At the moment he is traveling in Egypt with his intended, and I must admit that I feel his absence deeply. It is my greatest hope that we will all soon be reunited.

What does the future hold for the group?
As I lack the ability to tell the future with any certainty, and the aether refuses to tell me, I can only speculate. However, the reports from Egypt tell me that Archimedes and Lucia are on a daring quest to recover stolen artifacts of magical significance. It is entirely possible that Cora and I will join them there if the need should arise. Corrigan has returned to Romania in search of his lost gypsy bride, and the last I heard he was tracking her through the wilderness of the Hoia Baciu Forest. Bastion and Stella accompanied him, and are well on their way to a marriage of their own if my wife's intuition is to be believed. Lucan Orrin, the Grand Master, remains in India at a summit of the world's magical leaders as they try to create an accord with the non-magical community. In this, I have no speculation as to what might happen. My only hope is that we can avoid another war. 

How is Machiavelli?
I confess, I do not understand your fascination with the damnable bird familiar. He is quite well, and determined to keep his pointy beak in the midst of all our business. Of late, Cora has begun to suspect that he may have a love interest of his own, as he is soliciting courting advice from her during their weekly brunch. I do my best to avoid the creature, but secretly appreciate that he holds such regard for my wife. Should I ever be away, I know he would keep her safe.

Will there be children in the Kane household?
This question is highly impertinent, but I suspect my wife put you up to asking this one. For now, I feel our lives are too unpredictable to introduce children into the mix. Cora insists that a child or two would do nothing more than settle us, but I fear she would only insist on bringing them along on our adventures. We would soon have a small rogue with red hair and a darling daughter with blonde curls, each as fearless as their mother and as careless as their father. This is not a combination I wish to encourage, but I feel I shall soon have no say in the matter. My wife has wiles that never fail to leave me witless. 

Is there anything you wish to say to the fans?
We have fans? I find this hard to believe. We are simple folk who live to serve London with our magic. Of late we have enjoyed some quiet time, but I fear this will soon come to an end. My scroll, dear chronicler, will come to you filled with our adventures. You may assure these "fans" that Cora, Archimedes, the others, and I, will not keep them in suspense. 

Until the next time, 

Icarus Kane
Alchemist & Ward of London

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  1. I'm so happy to have been introduced to Icarus Kane via his letter to you. I'm off to Amazon to add these books to my wish list.

    1. I'm so happy that Icarus captured your imagination! He's my darling hero... one of my favorite characters (but don't tell him that, he already has a big head!)

  2. I love this. The format, and the story it tells. Thank you for sharing!

    1. So happy you enjoyed it. Icarus and his crew are bound for more adventures soon and he loves to be right!

  3. I love the atmosphere and style of this interview.

    1. Thank you! Icarus is a Stern and rather complex man but I think his darling Cora is softening him a bit ;-)



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