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Fangirl Friday: Firefly

Fangirl Friday: Firefly

Once upon a time there was a show on television that defied all the odds and became a 'cult classic'. This show was mourned by thousands upon thousands of viewers when it was cancelled before coming to a satisfying end. Of course, I'm talking about FIREFLY.

Melding space drama and wild west film, Firefly was the embodiment of all that was perfect in televised storytelling during its heyday. The characters were flawlessly flawed, the stories were dark, cold and somehow heartwarming all the same. A group of misfits came together to form an unlikely family bond, all the while galivanting through the galaxy in a broken-down starship doing whatever they had to do to survive. The writing was unparalleled at the time, and fans couldn't get enough. 

Why does Firefly still mean so much to me? I have always been the kid with too much imagination. I spent hours daydreaming about 'The Final Frontier' and fantasy worlds where unicorns and leprechauns lived in harmony. I wrote poems that told stories of long-dead civilizations and, even as an adult, I have a tiny obsession with Ancient Astronaut Theory. The words WHAT IF are still magical to me. When the writers of Firefly asked those questions they got some of the best answers I've ever heard. What if a soldier from the losing side of a righteous war decided that he'd had enough and began racing through the galaxy as a mercenary, smuggler and all-around ner'do well? He would obviously need a crew, and he'd pick up a tough guy, a long-time war pal, her husband, an engineer, a Shepard, and a doctor. A beautiful Companion might rent his shuttle for her home, and, eventually, they might come to see each other as a family. It still gives me goosebumps!! 

So, obviously, Firefly was cancelled but the fandom wouldn't give up. To satisfy us, we got a movie. Serenity did wrap everything up for the crew of the ship and yet it left enough questions for us to cut our teeth on for a very long time. As an author, my fandoms do more than make me giddy. They make me want to tell stories with as much heart, as much imagination, as they do. I want my characters to touch lives the way these shows have touched mine. 

These stories are fuel! They burn in our hearts and minds for years (or longer) after we've watched them. We know the phrases and sing the songs and wear the outfits. It's never been 'just a show' to us. When our minds need succor from the rigors of every day life we look for the comfort in our favorite stories. Whether their on the page, or the screen, we find the same warmth there. Something about the stories speak to us as human beings, as individuals. Firefly had a deeply humorous streak that made me laugh, and it had a touching streak that made me smile. It had enough sadness to drown an elephant- and even that kept me coming back for more. I wanted-- needed-- to watch the characters every week to see how the writers progressed their relationships through all the hardships they faced. It had the best of both worlds, the old West and the new frontier of space. 

I miss the show. I can (have) watched the reruns many times and I still miss it. I'm not the fangirl who thinks my favorite shows can go on forever (we'll discuss that in a later post) but it does mean I miss them when they're gone. It's saying goodbye to a story that touched my life in one way or another. 

"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." --Frank Herbert

So, I've gushed over my first fandom, and it's still a strong contender for my favorite television series EVER. I invite you to come back next Friday and see what I've got to talk about next week. Please feel free to comment about your fandoms, your loves, your hates, down below. 

See you next week for FANGIRL FRIDAY!

"You can't stop the signal" -Mr. Universe

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