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Sneak Peek: Stone Guardian (Witches Amulet Book One) by Paulina Woods

A Sneak Peek into Stone Guardian

Milcah was born to rule. Stolen soon after birth, her magic was locked and she was forced to live a normal life, with no knowledge of her heritage.

Raised by a detached parent, she learned to depend on herself and her best friend, Mary, for support. While on a road trip across country she's forced to find shelter in an abandoned town called Beacon.

She finds her destiny and learns about her past which will lead to the salvation or damnation of the world, and a mate who can give her everything her heart desires.


“I see you have finally opened your eyes,” a deep voice stated, making her jump and turn toward the sound. As soon as she turned the pain in her head throbbed and her stomach rebelled, and she started dry heaving. Not wanting to mess up the very expensive bed and feeling really embarrassed, Milcah twisted and tried to scoot closer to the side of the bed. A strong arm circled her waist and helped her maneuver until she was leaning over a wastebasket. When her stomach finally settled, all she could think of was what a mess she must look. Her hair was flat in the back from where she had laid on it, her eyes had to be puffy, and her mouth tasted like shit and had to smell like it too. But there was no use hiding, so she looked up and almost screamed.
The man—no, the creature—standing over her was huge. He was bending down so his face was close to hers and she could see every detail. Long, black hair had been pulled back into a ponytail to reveal long, pointed ears and two large horns right above his temples. His skin was a bluish gray and looked like leather. A movement behind him caught Milcah’s eyes and she noticed his beautiful, almost transparent wings. Swallowing hard, she forced herself to meet his gaze. Striking gold with brown shooting from the center, his eyes were beautiful.
“I guess I wasn’t dreaming earlier?” Milcah croaked before clearing her throat.
The smile on his lips looked more like a grimace. “No. We were not properly introduced. I am Jarod, General of the gargoyle King Machisadis’s armies and elite Guardian. How are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling much better now that my stomach isn’t trying to climb out my throat.” Giving a little laugh, Milcah tried to sit up again but her head swam. “I’m Milcah, by the way. Why do I feel as if I have been run over by a truck?”
At first Jarod looked confused. “That is my fault, I believe. I didn’t have time to prepare you for travel through the portal. Many of my warriors needed to be taken to the healers immediately. I am forever grateful to you for helping us get home.”
“What portal? Where am I?” Feeling hysteria rising, she closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing.
“You are in the realm of the Guardians. A parallel plane to your world, which can only be reached by means of travel through interdimensional portals.” Jarod stood up and paced a few steps away.
Now Milcah could see all of him and he was impressive. His back muscles bunched as he paced and his wings, tucked close to his body, seemed to twitch. His strong thighs and calves ended on clawed feet. He was beautiful, that was the only way she knew to describe him. Rubbing her temples, Milcah thought of Neon and Mary, the only two beings left in the world who cared about her. “How do I get home? I have to take care of my dog and I’m sure my best friend is looking for me. I was supposed to call her when I reached my destination.”
“You need more rest. You have been unresponsive for three days.” Jarod turned back toward the bed.
“Three days?” Milcah sat up quickly and immediately regretted it as the cover slipped and she noticed she wasn’t wearing anything. She grabbed the covers and glanced up in time to catch his eyes fixed on her breast. “Jarod, where’s my clothes? Jarod!” Jarod jerked his head away and blinked his eyes, as if he was coming out of a trance.

About Paulina:

Some people write because they love it, others because it pays the bills but for Paulina it's a compulsion. Even before she published her first book she carried around notebooks to write in and could be found lost in thought as she scribbled away. From funny to dark, her thoughts flowed from her fingertips like water from an undying well. When she finally decided to publish it felt natural. This was what all her writing had been about over the years.
Her world may be a little dark and scary. Sometimes it may seem like she has fallen deep into a pool of despair but each character, each moment has been predestined from the beginning of time.

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