Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CYBORG SUNDAY-- On Wednesday: Sevyn

Cyborg Sunday (on Wednesday): 

Meet Sevyn

The Aeon Project series follows four brothers and their father as they navigate the universe and learn to accept their place within it. The third son in the series (who will have the 4th book called RESONANCE) is named Sevyn.

There are many aspects to Sevyn's personality that make him an interesting character, but none so much as the fury that burns within him. I have never written a character who could not seem to function without the anger that burned in his gut; but Sevyn is the first! He's not a cruel or brutal person, but a good fight is just the way to lighten his mood. The more savage and difficult the fight is, the better he feels when he wins. And Sevyn always wins. 

My plans for Sevyn's book aren't set in stone, because the things that happen in the previous books will shape and alter his story as the series moves along. Finding just the right woman to let the heat out of his bellows (or maybe fire him up even more!) will be a difficult task. It's not going to be easy to find a woman he'll allow to breach the walls around his heart, but I know she's out there. I just haven't written her, yet!

One of the things I love so much about Sevyn is that, on the outside, he's extremely beautiful. The first thought people have about him when they see him is that he's gorgeous. But to Sev,

"What's on the outside is a ruse. A way for me to get close for the kill."

Poor Sevyn is sure that his physiology makes him a monster, and he's happy to live up to the expectation. Deep down, though, he yearns for acceptance like everyone else. It will be my ultimate pleasure to finally bring the beautiful monster to his knees!

This is how I picture Sevyn BF (Before the fall)

If Sevyn's story interests you, please start the Aeon Project Series with book I: An Enduring Sun. 


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