Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I'm talking today about my review of Peyton's Doll by Felicity Kates. I was gifted the book as an ARC when I offered to put the release in my newsletter. I thought, "oh, great, another serial. Those are so unsatisfying!". But, I chose to give it a try anyway because I thought the premise was interesting and, let's face it, IT'S SFR!
So let's get to it. What did I think of Peyton's Doll?
This book is fantastic. I have extremely high standards when it comes to my romance. I need couples who make me believe they are falling in love, and under circumstances that seem believable. Peyton's Doll delivers. There were a few things about the book I didn't like. I'll get those out of the way. I didn't care for the over-sexualized, college-guy-next-door brother-in-law. He purchased a sex bot for his grieving brother in law to "take his mind off it"? That kind of made  me grimace. I thought, "Yuck, I don't want to read about some sex-bot pleasuring her 'master' for a whole hundred pages"! But, as soon as Peyton opened the stasis pod and revealed his gift I knew this story was not going in that direction. He was fascinated with her in a very gentle kind of way that made me sigh in relief. No sex-bot orgies in this one!
The author's descriptive language and world building is flawless and the action is paced enough (even though the entire book takes place inside his one small cabin) to keep you wondering what's happening next! I am thrilled to report that the characters have complex multiple dimensions that make them fascinating and relatable. I was almost in love with Peyton's surly grumpiness and quiet grief myself!
So my opinion about Peyton's Doll is.....
BUY IT. It's short, and it IS a serial so there is no conclusion in this part, but it's fascinating and well-written enough to build the kind of anticipation serial novels were built for. I was highly impressed by Felicity Kates and the world she built, and will look forward to more about Peyton and Helen!


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  1. Thank you so much, Amy! I have stars in my eyes reading this. The happy, teary kind. A truly wonderful and very well thought out review. Thank you. xx



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