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Captive Guardian by Paulina Woods

BY: Paulina Woods


Element – Fire (Primal)
Royal House – Purple
High above New York, in a gilded cage, Marcus lives out his lonely life. Born in captivity, he has been told he has one purpose in life, to produce powerful female witch offspring.
Michael is second in command to the general of the gargoyles army. He lives a fast and dangerous life, always looking for the next adventure. When he is captured, bound and tossed into a cage all thoughts of revenge go out the window when he is faced with his mate.
Can Michael convince Marcus that they are meant to be together or will he lose his mate before he a chance to know him?

This is book 2 in The Witches Amulet series.

A few words from Paulina.....




Hi AR and thanks for having me. I am a proud pantser. I just sit down and pray my muse shows up to help me out, if not I laugh at her and keep going.


When I sat down to write my first book I tried to follow the advice of my English teachers and write an outline. After a week of trying I started to get annoyed and thought I wasn't cut out to write. Finally giving up, on the outline, I wrote the first sentence and my characters started to talk. They didn’t want directions they wanted me to write their story, their way. Now I refuse to outline.

Not outlining has lead to some pretty amazing characters and scenes. A little secret, witches were never part of my plan. I went back and read my first draft and laughter. In my notes it says "wft witches?" Yup, I was surprised and in a good way. Another surprise was Michael's sexuality. I tried for months to hook him up with one of the witch females but it wasn’t working. When he was captured and tossed into the same room with Marcus I had an Ah ha moment.

So does this mean sometimes I sit at a computer and stare at the screen? Yes. Do I scream and want to bang my head into the wall? Hell yes. But I wouldn’t change my writing style for anything because of the small gems I find each and every time I start edits. 


Now with all that being said I still need inspiration to write and if found it in my love for gargoyles. I love the stone ones, the ones in books, the ones in my head, hell I love them any way I can get them. I wanted to write a book that was fantasy with a touch of romance and a lot of magic. I also wanted to write about two people from two different backgrounds finding love and learning to trust each other, without one having to change. I fell in love with a white man and I never want him to morph into a black man just so I can love him more. I wanted to take that same concept into my books. These men and women are falling in love with a creature as old as time and they are going to love them in all their huge glory




Paulina's Bio:


Paulina is a small town girl with big dreams. She is the second oldest of three talented siblings.

As early as three she was directing her family around acting out whatever current story was in her head. At four between her older brother and her a whole universe was created which the younger siblings were introduced into as they were born.

Her natural ability to tell a story took her down many paths. She wrote plays, poems, small children books and short stories all before she went to high school.

When picking a career her councilor told her writing was a dying art and so she went to school for veterinarian science. Three years later she dropped out of university and went to a community college and took a journalism class, the rest is history.

In 2008 she graduated with her BA in Communication/Journalism from Cal State Fullerton.

Life got in the way but in 2013 she started a review blog and November 2014 her first book was published.


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