Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Forged In Fire


Gin Draven is the Sword Guardian of the planet Dinara, charged with keeping his galaxy safe in the midst of a war with the savage Boderians. On his way home after a harrowing adventure with his wife and daughter he experiences a few precious moments of happiness:


Maeve watched Gin sleep. She'd forgotten that he snored. Not loud, but enough. He mumbled and pulled her close. She saw something on his face she hadn't seen before. Peace. He looked content. Usually his sleep was full of nightmares and remembered pain. Even before, on Prioni the first time, he'd slept fitfully if at all. Tonight he slept like the dead. She pulled the blanket over them both, her head on his chest. The steady beat of his heart reassured her.


She'd come very close to losing him on the asteroid. She rubbed the scar on his side. An inch to the left and the shard would have severed his renal artery, killing him in minutes. A harder blow to the head and he might have died from the concussion's swelling. She tried to calm her heart as it fluttered in panic at the thought. Gin was strong. The toughest man she knew. The fact that they'd survived the crash was a miracle. She didn't want to put him in danger again. Once they reached Dinara she'd tell him everything she knew about Boderia. She'd help him kill those bastards once and for all and put the war behind them for good. Gin might still be the Sword Guardian, but he'd be in less danger once the Boderian Prince was dead. 

Maeve closed her eyes, clutching her to him. The faint purple light of the moon shone through the windows. She frowned, sitting up. The security system wasn't armed.


She climbed out of bed, tiptoeing to the security panel. As it slid open she input the code, letting her shoulders drop with relief as it flashed red. Nothing could get in with the system armed. She slid back under the covers and Gin rolled, caging her with his arms. "Go to sleep, Maeve." His voice was fuzzy with sleep and she laid down. It was awhile later when she finally slid into sleep.




Their next days were filled with laughter and a happiness that Gin had never known. Every so often he caught Maeve looking at him and Luna with a sad smile, but she always managed to ease his mind. She was worried, but she didn't want to share it with him. They made love every night underneath the moon after they put Luna to bed. He shared with her every thought he had. He'd never had this kind of life. He'd lived for war, and the destruction of the Boderian threat for nearly his whole life. Aside from his year with Maeve the first time, he'd never imagined a life with a home and a family. His best bet, three weeks
ago, had been to die an honorable death watching the Boderian Prince burn in hell. Now he opened his eyes every morning hungry for the sight of her. He craved the sound of Luna's laughter and Maeve's touch.


He caught himself smiling and had to shake his head. He'd gone from a harsh, scary Sword Guardian to a soft, mellow pussy. He wasn't complaining. Hell, he probably owed Bry a thousand apologies for all the times he'd berated the man for acting so damned whipped. He understood now what a woman could do to a man. Tie him up, wrap him in knots, tear him down and rebuild him from the feet up. Always better, always stronger. He could only imagine the walking disaster he'd been before Maeve had schemed her way back into his life.  



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