Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Author Spotlight: New Preorder

Author Spotlight: Maiden of Fire by

Ishabelle Torry

Readers! I am so excited to announce that my friend, Ishabelle Torry, has a new book available for preorder. 
This story is dear to Ishabelle's heart, and it means a lot to her personally. It's a fabulous historical fantasy romance called

Maiden of Fire

Ramona Douglas doesn't believe in destinies or prophecies. At least, not until she is catapulted through time after a catastrophe hits Earth. Now she must come to grips with her place in a world where kingdoms are controlled by those with proper birthright, and light and dark majik are at war. Assigned her protector, the fierce Lord Jalomar makes her body burn with desire while his arrogance and steadfastness to duty boils her blood. 

Jalomar has never met a more wayward woman than the enigmatic Ramona. Her defiance knows no bounds, leaving him both reeling with anger and longing for her affection. When she refutes him, and the ancient prophesy that ties them together, Jalomar's duty comes at a price he may be unwilling to pay. 

This gorgeous cover was created for Ishabelle by cover designer Winter Bayne

Maiden of Fire is currently available for preorder. 

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When Ishabelle Torry stole Warrior’s Lady by Madeline Baker from her mother’s glass “no-no” cabinet at the age of fourteen, she had no idea it would be the start of a love affair with romance that would last a lifetime… so far! She loved the escapism from the real world, the strong and relatable characters and the powerful concept of love conquering all. Even having her scorching books confiscated at school couldn’t cool her passion for them and she swore that one day she would also write the kinds of stories that kept people turning the pages no matter where they were!

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Ishabelle Torry

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