Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Music of Writing

The Music of Writing

I have a secret obsession with pairing music to the stories I write. Okay, well, it's not a secret now... so I guess I can shout it to the rooftops. I LOVE MUSIC! Especially when that music pairs so perfectly with the story that I'm writing. Imagine a movie in your brain, and then you hear the perfect background music start playing. Every story has it's own theme song that personifies the underlying theme of the narrative. Let's explore!

In Forged in Fire, Gin Draven is a soldier with a win-or-die attitude and few (insert expletive here) to give. His heart was broken, and he nearly died, but he climbed back to his feet and put his heart and soul into winning the war for his people. Gin's song is I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. A man who has nothing left to live for, and plans to burn a swath through his enemies before he dies. (SHIVERS!!)

In Bound to You, Jacks Baine and Lia Bernardi find themselves trapped on a desolate planet far to the edge of the December Quadrant. But, Jacks and Lia aren't alone, because the inhabitants of V-097 might be dead, but they certainly aren't gone. Bound to You belongs to a song called Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park. The song, in it's essence, is about saying goodbye to those you love, even when you don't want to let go. It's more than the song that I love for this pairing, however, it's also the music video for Lost in the Echo that perfectly pairs with the story. Check it out here.

Now we come to some of my favorite music! There's an amazing band called Starset, and any lover of science fiction romance should definitely give this band a try. The entirety of my Aeon Project cyborgs series is set to Starset songs.
Ren and Sharyn meet when she tries to steal his bike in An Enduring Sun, book I of the Aeon Project series. Ren and Sharyn's song is Halo. (Listen to Halo here). An Enduring Sun is about being lost in darkness and the shadows of an unforgiving past, and finding your way out to the light again.
Book II, Dark Star, will tell the story of One, and his song is Dark On Me.
Sevyn's story is Resonance book III, and his song is Monster
Book IV is Decaying Orbit, Vex's story, and Vex is an interesting character with a song called Satellite.
And last but not least, Q's book is book V, Escape Velocity. Q is the youngest of my cyborg brothers, and his song is Last to Fall. 

These songs mean so much for the characters and the stories they have to tell. Every time I listen to the music that defines them, it helps me to create for readers the most dynamic, realistic characters I can. There's nothing more satisfying than writing The End and knowing that I did that story justice. I hope that readers enjoy the playlist included in this post, and I hope it gets everyone excited about the stories that are soon to come!


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