Thursday, March 31, 2016

SFRB Showcase Character Roundtable

Character Roundtable with Gage, Icarus, Reginald & Jacks

Host: Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to another Character Roundtable! We are pleased to introduce Gage Rebeau of Desolation, Icarus Kane of The Alchemist's Kiss, Reginald of The Clockwork Countenance, and Jacks Baine from Bound to You. Hello and welcome, gentlemen.

Group murmurs hellos.

Host: Today we are discussing adventure, and how adventure can lead to romance. We hear that you gentlemen might know a thing or two about that.

Reginald: A gentlemen never divulges his trysts, dear fellow. Rude, I say!

Jacks: Well, now, I wouldn't go that far, Reggie. We all know that what we have is more than a tryst. I couldn't go a day without my Lia. And Ember wouldn't let you get out of her sight if she could.

Icarus: I feel the same, Mr. Baine. My Cora Mae would skin me alive should I discuss our more...intimate...moments in public. However, she would be happy for me to say that the realization of our love came amidst grand adventure.

Host: You've been quiet, Mr. Rebeau. Have you anything to say on the matter?

Gage: No.

Jacks: A man of few words. That must be the wolf in him. (winks)

Gage: (growls)

Reginald:  It is true that Ember and I came together through obstacles and danger.

Host:  Tell us quickly what dangerous adventures brought you and your lady loves together.

Jacks: Alien planet, nasty inhuman creature, and a planet full of dead people. Lia was the other half of me. Is the other half of me. I couldn't have survived without her.

Reginald: In search of box that might procure a human body for me, Ember encountered a dastardly Count, a horrible Belgian and something even worse than both, an old love. It was only through perseverance and personal strength that we managed to escape them all intact.

 Gage: Vinnie was dying. We had to travel to Alfheim, the werewolf kingdom, to find a cure. Found more than that, I guess.

Icarus: A dark mage brought pain and suffering to London, and of course Cora Mae, Archie and I were at the heart of the battle. The woman is insufferable! But she never left my side, even when I was less than a gentleman. At some point I began to realize I would rather die than be without her.

Host: Fascinating! Now, tell us what came after the story we all read? What are you up to now?

Icarus:  Cora and I are off to honeymoon, leaving Archie and his new love in charge of London. We're traveling to Scotland, to see the land of her grandmother. Thanks to Her Majesty we have procured travel aboard the most luxurious air liner in all the Empire.

Gage: Vinnie is still Vinnie. She gets into as much trouble as she possibly can, and drags me along with her. (shrugs) I follow along to make sure she she's safe.

Jacks: Lia and I are terraforming a new planet at the moment. At the edge of the January Quadrant there are a hell of a lot of dead civilizations who need to be moved on. Ferrell made sure we stayed together, and my crew won't be far behind. (puts hands behind head and grins wide) Just the way I like it.

Reginald: As I am now accustomed to my new body, and Ember and I have married, we are assisting the Chinese in the East End with some issues that have arisen. A third Colonial uprising is gaining strength in the colonies and I have no doubts that Ember and I will have to become involved at some point.

Host: Grand adventures and deep, lasting loves! I am so happy that you gentlemen were able to join us today! One last question: Tell our readers one thing about yourselves, or your stories, that you would most like them to know.

Reginald: Life is not simply confined to humanity. The next time you see a mech, perhaps look a bit closer to determine if he sees you, too.

Gage: No matter how much trouble she is; she's worth it. Find her. Love her. Don't let her go. And don't be a jackass.

Icarus: Ego is the pitfall of a great man. I was never a great man, but I had plenty of ego. Fortunately for me, I have great friends and a strong woman beside me to keep my feet on the ground when my head begins to swell again.

Jacks: Even when you don't understand a connection with someone, don't deny it and don't run away from it. Embrace it. They are rare and hard to come by. I was a dying man when I met my Lia. She is the water that sustains me and the air I breathe.

Host: Inspiring words! That's all the time we have for today, but if these gentlemen interested you then look for them in the newly released book bundle Exploits & Escapades. All their stories together for readers to enjoy! That's all for now. Thank you and good night.

*Alex Pettyfer*

*Lucas Bryant*



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  1. I enjoyed your characters and learning what they were doing.

  2. Fun roundtable! Lovely cover as well :)

  3. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try getting all of my heroes into one room for a similar discussion!

  4. LOL This was SO much fun. I love it!

  5. I think I'm losing the ability to visually tell apart different guys, because three of those look like the same guy.

    Are you sure they didn't play a trick on you?

  6. Gage had me at the growl. lol. Wonderful roundtable, Amy. :)

  7. Well this is a rogue's gallery if ever I've seen one!

  8. Quite the group! A lot to handle....clever idea!



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