Thursday, March 31, 2016



Edgar Allan Poe Goes Punk

(A Poe-Punk'd Anthology)


I am happy to announce the reveal of the newest PUNKED anthology cover! An anthology of famous Edgar Allan Poe works, re-written in the punk genres! An exciting new blend of steam, cyber, nano and much more! This anthology features my retelling of Poe's Mellonta Tauta, entitled Things of the Future. Below I'd like to share with you a small passage from the story.

A Most Curious Letter
April 3161
New London
 Empire of His Royal Majesty Emperor Haruto James Johanssen III
I rose from my chair at the sound of the postman. He handed me my delivery with a creaky bow before scuttling off to the next door, his wheels clattering against the brickwork. I frowned down at the message cube in my hand. It was rather odd to see an older model such as this, and especially at half past thirteen on a quiet Shineday.
“Who was it, darling?”
Islevetta, my wife, bustled about the parlor straightening the pillows and shooing Percival, the cat, from the settee. Her byzatium hair waved lazily about her head as she worked to tame the living strands. Against her navy skin it was quite the contrast, and still a striking figure she cut as she smiled at me, bathed in the red light of the youthful second sun.
“A most curious letter.” I held up the cube. “I quite think the old man is up to his tricks again.”
Islevetta’s smile grew with her mirth as she took the cube from my hand to hold it up to the light. Lunarian eyesight was twenty times my own, and she handed it back to me with a nod. “Tis your brother, indeed.”
I bussed her cheek, the smell of her an aphrodisiac to me still, after many years of pleasant marriage. “Though why he sends me this old thing I cannot imagine.”
Vetta’s hand is soft on mine as she moves away to collect our afternoon tea from the table. She knows how I worry for my brother in his travels, and she is ever my voice of reason. “At least he is well. I’ll leave you to it, but dinner is at nineteen.”
I nodded absently as she closed the door, my eyes locked on the cube. What manner of adventure had my brother come upon now?
I poured myself a snifter of strong scytch and placed the cube on the table before me. “Play message.”

Releasing May 2016!


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