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Writing Steampunk: Archie and Lucia Go To Egypt

Writing Steampunk: Archie and Lucia Go To Egypt

We've come full circle, readers! We're back to the magical world of Icarus Kane, Warden of London. My first steampunk series is set in an alternate version of 1870s London, where magic, not electricity, has become the commodity of the century. Wizards are humans who are able to make contact with particles called aether. They utilize the amazing abilities of the aether in conjunction with runes and special words to work magic on the world around them. Not everyone has the ability to make contact with aether, and so a great inequality has divided the people of the world. Wizards against those who cannot use magic, sometimes called The Lacking. 

In book one we met Icarus Kane, a powerful wizard traveling in the United States during the Civil War. He finds and takes under his wing a young Virginia nurse whom he meets on the battlefield at Gettysburg. With Cora Mae as his protege, Icarus returns to London, along with his best friend Archimedes Merriweather. Once they settle in London, Icarus becomes the Warden of London, dedicated protector of the city. We meet Icarus' other friends, Lucan Orrin the Grand Master, most powerful wizard in the world, Lucia Conti and Bastien, healers, and Captain Corrigan Levisque, derichible captain in Her Majesty's Royal Air Corps. 

In book two of the series we follow Archimedes and Lucia to Kensington, where a black mage is menacing a vineyard run by a young widow. With Bastien and Corrigan in tow they must discover the identity of the mage and keep each other alive. One of the best things about writing this book was that I got to utilize all kinds of fun detective gadgets and gizmos that worked alongside the magic to help them discover the truth!

Now we've come to book 3! Archie and Lucia have decided on a holiday, and they've chosen Egypt as their destination. There are so many things to love about writing steampunk stories set in Egypt. The culture is rich with myths and lore to utilize and the ability to bring the past to life in a steampunk setting opens up so many possibilities! In The Pharaoh's Heart you'll meet a cursed Egyptian Pharaoh who has a new mystery and a rousing adventure for Archie and Lucia. I can't wait for everyone to read this story! The Pharaoh sacrificed his immortal soul to keep the primordial darkness, the Kek, at bay, but the seals on their prison are breaking and only Archie and Lucia can help him protect his homeland from the oncoming storm. 


I can't wait for everyone to read The Pharaoh's Heart! After that, you'll get Gypsy's Revenge (Corrigan's book), and Grand Master's Curse (Lucan's story). Machiavelli, the raven familiar, gets his own story in Black Raven Night. Stay tuned for more of Icarus, Archie, Cora Mae and Lucia!

What are your favorite steampunk books and what do you love about them? 

Which book are you most looking forward to?

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  1. I enjoyed the first two books in this series, so I'm looking forward to reading this one too.

    An author friend of mine, HL Burke, writes steampunk/magic romance books (as well as straight-up fantasy). You should read her stuff some time; I think you'd enjoy it.



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