Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Release Announcement

New Release Announcement!

Hello dearest readers! 

I've just released a new novel, and launched a new series that I can't wait to tell you about. The Shadowlyte Shifters Saga will introduce you to the siblings of the Warwick family. They live in London in 1886 and they have abilities that will aid them in the adventures to come. The first book, Dogs of War, brings us to the darkest streets of the London slums, where children are disappearing. Chase Warwick, Alpha of the Shadowlyte Clan, has been tasked with finding the perpetrators by the Queen herself. When he meets Katryn O'Malley, a woman who somehow managed to escape the evil men he's looking for, he knows she can help lead him to his quarry. But, Katryn interests both him and his wolf, and she's a bit more than Chase bargained for!

This book was so much fun to write. It took me from the upscale Shadowlyte Manse, home to the Warwick family, all the way to the slums of Spitalfields. There's excitement, adventure, and of course LOVE. 

Chase has 3 siblings who were adopted by his father in his travels around the world. Wang Lei and Li Na are twins from the mountains of Northern China and Kamil is a golden Jackal from the deserts of the Middle East. We will get to know more about these three in the series, I promise!

I look forward to hearing from readers about this series. I hope they enjoy reading it as much  as I enjoyed writing it. There's nothing better than a thrilling mystery, a steamy love story, and the dark shadowy world of Victorian London!

Join me there now in Dogs of War.

Get your copy today at all retailers!

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