Thursday, September 7, 2017

10 Ways to Organize Your TBR List

Have you ever opened up your e-reader and stared at the books there, wondering what to read next? How in the world will you ever get through all the books you've downloaded on a whim? I did just this the other day, and I felt completely overwhelmed when I looked at all the books staring back at me. 

If you're like me, buying and downloading books is a bit of a compulsion. There's nothing like knowing that you'll always have a book to read when you're ready. This compulsion, however, can lead to the aforementioned issue of book overload. How do we combat this?

I have a few simple ideas that will help us all overcome the overflowing TBR. I'll drop the first few ways here in the post, and you can pick up the others in the super simple checklist I made ( the link for that will be down below). Please come back later and let me know if these ideas helped you organize and overcome your TBR.

It seems simple, but this might be the easiest way to clean up the TBR. Separate your books by genre: paranormal, non-fiction, romance, historical, mystery, etc. When the bunches of books are smaller, they're less overwhelming and easier to decide what you're going to read first!

Another "duh!" moment here, but if you put your books into groups based on when you downloaded them, it might be easier to decide which ones you want to tackle first. It's an amazing problem to have, isn't it? Too many books?! NEVER! We just need to get ourselves organized. (This is the mantra of every book hoarder I've ever known, by the way!) #SorryNotSorry

Whether you love to download major book series by your favorite authors, or you love trying new-to-you authors, this is a great way to get that TBR in shape. Once you've got your list all sorted by author, you can decide whether you're in the mood to read an author you know and love, or give someone new a chance!

I hope you've enjoyed these tips, and don't forget, there are 7 more tips available to you with the downloadable checklist. I've included the link to the checklist down below. Please take it with my compliments. Now, whip those TBRs into shape and 


  1. I guess that I divide my TBR pile using a combination of seasons and genre. I love fantasy novels in spring and summer, mysteries and thrillers in the fall and romances and anything holiday-ish in winter.

  2. Seasons is an excellent way to think of books! Love it.



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