Thursday, August 24, 2017

Guest Post: Other Worlds Limited Collection

The Other Worlds Limited Collection

Happy August! Thanks, Amy, for hosting me today. This fall I’m part of the Other Worlds: Limited Collection ( and the shared experience of getting together with 20 paranormal and sci fi authors has been almost as life-changing as the other amazing experience I just had.

This summer I was lucky enough to see the solar eclipse. We live fairly close. My husband and I covered 600 miles round trip in two days, joining my father in Baker City, Oregon, while my in-laws watched our 2-year-old. We were prepared for an eclipse-ocalpyse, with extra containers of gas, food, water, and toilet paper -- and we didn’t need any of it. Traffic was smooth sailing both directions. The only excitement was that the Dairy Queen in Baker City was serving a restricted menu so they could get the orders out faster.

The morning of the eclipse, we woke up at 6 AM and drove around Baker City. My dad found a great viewing spot on the top of a hill...but it was private property, and on the day of the eclipse, police were out restricting people from accessing it. We eventually found a slightly elevated county road beside a recently-harvested wheat field and a cow farm. There, next to a candy apple red corvette holding a gentleman with serious videography equipment, we set up our folding chairs and waited with our $2 Fred Meyer eclipse glasses.

Baker City was hot -- about 80 degrees even at 9 o’clock in the morning. The eclipse started at 9:10 AM our time. I thought the moon shadow would move sideways across the sun’s disc, but it actually started in the top right and moved diagonally down. I didn’t notice any changes until it was ¾ of the way covered. Then, it got significantly cooler and just a little dimmer. I had to put my fleece jacket on.

One thing was extra neat: if we made our fingers into “pinholes” then the sunlight shining through to the ground was a crescent shape! It was the weirdest thing! Our shadows looked like fish scales. And so did the light shining through a nearby deciduous tree. That sun-dappled shadow was all fish-scaly.

At the final sliver, it got uncomfortably cool and dark like a thunderstorm. The hills behind us turned dark. Then, our field got dark. Not dark like night, but definitely darker than your average thunderstorm. Then, the moon fully covered the sun! The people on our road all gasped at once. We took off our eclipse glasses and stared at the moon, outlined by the brilliant white corona.  It was shocking and amazing. We could barely believe what we were seeing.

But 90 seconds goes by incredibly fast. My dad had brought binoculars and we could barely pass them between us before a crescent of blinding light appeared on the other side. Dawn hit the hills behind us.Totality was over! Eclipse glasses went back on. It got light again.

The day warmed up and the fish-scale shadows lasted another hour or so.

Experiences like this make me reflect on how small we really are in the world -- and in the universe. There is amazing wonder all around us. The Autumnal Equinox is a great time to look around, take a deep breath, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I think that’s also why I’m drawn to paranormal and sci fi romance. I love happy endings (thank you, romance!) and I also love the wonder of sparkling imagination and brilliant new worlds. Our own world is pretty great. Other worlds can be even more awesome!

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Jennifer Rose McMahon
Award-Winning author Amy L Gale
Shawnee Small
K. R. Fajardo
Award-Winning author Lea Kirk
Mychal Daniels
Laura Hysell
Shawna Romkey
Elizabeth Ryder
E.A. Weston
Award-Winning author Lindsay Avalon
LaVerne Thompson
Starla Night
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Isadora Brown

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