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Cyborg Sunday: The Women of Aeon Project

The Women of Aeon Project

Oh! Hello again! I see my cyborgs have invited you back to visit with me today and I'm so happy to see you. We've talked about the men of the Aeon Project series in our last few visits and today's talk is about the women of the series. 

Aeon Project began with the Apparatic Monks. Their deep appreciation for life gave them the idea that their mission was to protect, prolong and improve life across the universe. Using cybernetics, they took the first few volunteers for their project from among the zealous followers with similar appreciation for the sanctity of life. 

Jump ahead in the project to the point where the Terran government learned of the success the monks were having, and decided that they needed to have Aeon Project for themselves. When the government took over the project by force, the men and women involved in the project were repurposed as the new wave of super-soldier for the Terran's frequent wars. 

The women of Aeon Project come into the story at the point when our project members have escaped their Command Programming and are trying to find their place in the galaxy again while remaining out of the hands of the Terran government. In short, our heroines are going to bring the light back into their lives and their hearts.

Sharyn: An Enduring Sun

Sharyn is a Ranger, an elite operative of the ERCAn Ag Corporation. In their constant war with the Rissid Corp, Sharyn has seen far too many children left orphaned, broken and alone. She runs an orphanage for the children of ERCA and swears to protect them from any further harm. 

When Sharyn is sent on a mission, she meets the enigmatic man named Ren. Despite his secretive nature, Sharyn is attracted to the handsome stranger. Through harrowing danger and desperate times, Ren and Sharyn find something together that neither one of them expected.

Yurie: Dark Star

Yurie Kilowie was taken from the squalor of her tenement as a child and raised by the Apparatic Monks. Educated and sheltered, she had no idea that the monks were preparing her for a particular experiment; copulate and have children with one of the cyborgs of the Aeon Project. Despite being used as nothing more than a brood mare, Yurie came to care for her chosen mate and they even found a bit of happiness together as they became the parents of four sons. 

The Terran government took over Aeon, and demanded that she use her knowledge of programming to create and implement Command Programming to control the cyborgs created by the monks. With no other choice, Yurie did as they asked and doomed both her mate and her sons to the loss of their free will. When they took her mate and sons away, Yurie was imprisoned inside cryostasis and believed dead by her family. 

Yurie returns to the story when Primary One, her mate, learns that she is still alive. Together they explore their past, their future and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Gus: Decaying Orbit

Augustin Mureou worships cybernetics. The people of her sector, the Alluree, believe that body modification is the next step to evolution and one step closer to perfection. Augmented herself, Gus is one of the galaxy's leading scientific minds in regards to cybernetics. When her old friend Sharyn contacts her, desperate to save her friend, Gus agrees to help her without a second thought. Strange, that a man might swallow a bomb, but she was likely the only person with the know-how to remove it without killing him. Unfortunately, Sharyn and her friend show up to Gus' lab at the Debilliton University just as the planet goes into the throes of civil war. Trapped in her lab with the dying man, Gus must use all her wits and skill to save his life. Did she mention he's the sexiest man she's ever seen and he makes her body tingle like no amount of cybernetics ever could?

Samaira: Resonance

We first meet Samaira at the end of Decaying Orbit when she and Sevyn have a bit of a run-in while Sevyn and his brothers are attempting to escape the planet. A freedom fighter and devout worshiper of the Pythar God, Risik, Samaira believes herself to be on a mission of the utmost importance. Nothing has ever swayed her from her path until she locks eyes with the stunning man with hair the color of moonlight. She has no idea who he is, or why he haunts her dreams every night after, but she knows that if she ever sees him again she will have no choice but to kill him as Risik demands. 

Dechtire: Escape Velocity

Dechtire (deck-tier-ah) is the voice in the night for our hero, Q. When they talk over their lost radio frequencies it seems like nothing else matters in the universe. Unfortunately for Dechtire, her life is far from easy. Banished to a desert outpost with her father, far from other civilizations, she is lonely, angry and sad. Her face terribly scarred from an accident, Dechtire aches for normalcy she knows she will never have. And the one person who seems to like her, the one person she has shared her inner thoughts with, would kill her in an instant if he found out who she really is. Because Dechtire's father isn't just another soldier. He's a General. And he was once in charge of Aeon Project. For Q and all his brothers, she and her father can never be more than the enemy. 


I truly hope you've enjoyed this look at the women of Aeon Project and a bit of a peek at what is coming down the line for our heroes. An Enduring Sun is available now, and Dark Star is with the editor! I'm hard at work on Decaying Orbit and Gus is an amazing character to write! I look forward to having all 5 of the Aeon Project books available to you by Summer 2018. As always, thanks for stopping by for Cyborg Sunday. Please don't forget to comment, email or pop by Facebook if you want to chat. 

Conversion for all or life for none. 

PS: I am currently working on a new VLOG that will work in conjunction with this blog. I plan to read passages from my favorite books and talk to the audience about why I like it, what it means to me and so forth. Please stay tuned for videos from Amy Reads & Writes and don't hesitate to let me know how you like them, and where you think I should go next! ~AR

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