Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cyborg Sunday (On Wednesday): Meet Q

Cyborg Sunday- Meet Q

The cyborgs have brought everyone here again, I see. I'm excited to see everyone back to meet our youngest cyborg brother, Q. 

There's something very special about Q, and it makes me so happy that I can introduce him to you today. As I said before, Q is the youngest brother of the Aeon Project cyborgs. Q's story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. He was only three years old when the Terran government took him from his mother's arms and introduced him to Command Programming. Until his father managed to break CP, Q was subjected to experiments that made him stronger, faster and smarter than the average humanoid in the galaxy. 

Q is the softhearted member of my cyborg family. Though he has suffered more than any living person should, he came out the other side of those trials with a kind and loyal heart. He cares for his brothers  and father deeply, and he takes great pride in always trying to do the right thing. It takes a very special person to keep a good heart in spite of the injustices that befall you. 

Q has a way with communication devices, and so he is usually in charge of the group's coms. He likes to sit at night in his room and talk to the stars, hoping that someone out there will listen. (Psssttt-- someone IS listening, and she will make her appearance in Q's book!!)

War is coming to the galaxy as the Truppen prepare to break free of Command Programming and cut a swath of death and destruction through the organic life on every planet. Q's part in the story is integral, but he can't find the strength to do what will be needed unless he has someone who can show him that normal is only a frame of mind. (I think I know just the girl!)

You'll get to read Q's story at the end of the Aeon Project series, in his novel Escape Velocity

As always, if you would like to start the Aeon Project series, pick up An Enduring Sun, Ren's book. 

Aeon Project is part of the Takamo Universe MMORPG canon, and you can find out more about Takamo Universe HERE

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