Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cyborg Sunday: Vexillum


Ah, hello again cyborg fans! I'm so happy to see that you've joined me for another Cyborg Sunday. Today we meet Primary One's second son, and Ren's younger brother, Vex. Vex is a special kind of cyborg, unlike the others we've met so far. I'd love to introduce you and tell you all about him!

Vex's book will be number 3 in the Aeon Project series, and the title will be Decaying Orbit. There are many things about Vex's story that make this title apropos, and some of them I just can't divulge because SPOILERS! But, I will tell you a bit about our enigmatic hero. 

Vex has been modified with nanites and cybernetics to be the ultimate assassin. As he passes you in a crowd, or touches your hand on the street, he can end your life. All manner of chemicals can be excreted through his skin, making poisoning his victims easy. He can knock out his target, expose them to pheromones, or even give them a dose of hallucinagens with just a brush of his hand. 

Of course, having this ability is both a blessing and curse. In a war-time situation, it makes absolute sense to have an operative who could blend in and destroy high-profile targets in a few minutes time. Now that Vex is free from his military obligations, he does his best to work as a doctor when he can. Controlling his ability to secrete deadly toxins wears heavily on him, and it requires all his control to make sure he doesn't inadvertently kill his patient while trying to save their lives. 

Because he doesn't completely trust his ability to control his deadly touch, Vex has never had a romantic relationship with a woman. Of course, now that I'm writing his story, that's exactly where he's headed! I can't wait to dive into his complex and emotionally challenging story and finally give him the happiness he deserves. 

If Vex's story interests you, make sure you start with Book I in the Aeon Project series. An Enduring Sun introduces you to Vex and his family and sets you on their journey toward peace and happiness. 

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