Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Takamo Universe Comes to Life With an All-New Duet



I am so excited to announce that a duet of short stories that I wrote for the Takamo Universe MMORPG project will be published mid-December! Takamo Universe is a game like none other, in that the developers want to offer players a fully immersive experience. Gamers will have the ability to read books and novellas set in the universe they're playing in. Each story will flesh out the history of the galaxy and its peoples.
This set of stories has a main title: Aphelion. This title means so much in terms of the stories themselves, in that Aphelion is the point in orbit when a planet is the farthest from its sun. The first story, Love You Forever, features evil experiments, a couple torn apart by circumstance, and heart-breaking sacrifices for love. The second story, Dead Man's Drift, picks up some years later and is full of adventure, romance and suspense. I hope readers who read Aphelion will run to their PCs to try out Takamo (currently in beta and soon to be released to the public)!



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