Saturday, August 13, 2016

Focus on Fantasy Romance Author Mixer Episode 001

I want to welcome everyone to the reveal of the very FIRST Focus on Fantasy Podcast, with your hosts Author Elle Clouse, Author Paulina Woods, and me (Author AR DeClerck- the one with the southern accent, lol!)
We are super excited to start this episodic dive into the minds of romance authors. We named the podcast Focus on Fantasy, but in truth we will be discussing all forms of speculative romance fiction.
In episode 001 we've put together an author mixer, where we have a roundtable discussion about a topic that interested us this week. I posted a very interesting article about overused romance tropes to our Fantasy Romance Authors page on Facebook, and that article sparked the discussion you'll hear on the podcast. What are tropes? What is the definition of romance? Which tropes do we love, and which ones need to burn in red hot flames? Tune in to see what we say about romance tropes in EPISODE 001 of FOCUS ON FANTASY ROMANCE!
Podcast 002 will be a book review, Podcast 003 will be an author interview and then we'll repeat. If you're an author and you're interested in any of these opportunities, please contact one of us as directed on the podcast!
Join us weekly at the Focus on Fantasy Romance page for more news and topics.


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