Sunday, June 19, 2016

Amy Reviews A Book

The Star of Ishtar by Imogene Nix

Elara and Grayson shared a horrible event in their past that has changed them both. Elara decided long ago that Grayson was the one for her, but he always pulled away. Now she's a bit older and she knows that she can't live without Grayson any longer. Her appointment to the Star of Ishtar, the ship where he is stationed, will be the perfect opportunity for Elara to finally get what they both really want. A future together.
I very much enjoyed this story. Though short, it manages to capture the world-building, the characters and a very sordid past between them in just a few thousand words. This is tough to do, and I applaud the author. While it might seem like "love at first sight" for these two characters, it is quickly apparent that a very complicated and multi-layered past exists between them and we have only joined the story at the point where things are finally getting steamy! There is an interesting character in their friend, Duvall, whose fear of commitment makes him an ideal candidate for the next story (which I have been assured is the case!). All in all a refreshing read, and my only (minor) negative is that once things start rolling between Elara and Grayson the story is over all too soon. Looking forward to reading more in this world.
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