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Lyra Alexander considers herself an archeologist, a job that normally wouldn't be very dramatic or dangerous.  The problem with her job, however, is that she studies vampires.  And they aren't too keen on being studied.

In this world, there are all kinds of creatures prowling in the night . . . Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.


"You don't look so great," Tegan says as we whip down the highway.  He has a lead foot.  A new white Mustang convertible, top down, sun high in the sky, temperatures hovering near the comfortable zone, it's almost a perfect day.

 There was dirt road for close to twenty miles, then two lanes of old blacktop for a few more, and finally what I suppose could be considered a real road.  My motion sickness has been here for the entire ride, and I think I'm on my last nerve.


 "I didn't get any sleep last night.  Or the night before," I tell him flatly.  "I'm like that when there are vampires around."

 "If you were in any real danger, do you think I'd have left you alone?"  He glances over.  

 "Don't you do what they tell you?  Isn't your job to keep me in line?"

 He snorts a swear word under his breath.

 "And what in the hell is 'real danger'?"  I point out.  "There are vampires and . . ."  I glance sideways at him, stuttering off the word before I say it.

 "Werewolves?"  he grins, finishing the thought for me.  It's a derogatory term.

 " . . . out there and humans are too ignorant to see how fragile their place on this planet really is."

 "You see them.  You know."

 "I know vampires."  All too well.  "Shapeshifters," I shrug.

 "You do know, I'm a shapeshifter."  He isn't threatening me, but it comes off sounding like something I didn't want to hear anyway.

 “Of course.”

 "How did you know?" he asks.  It's an honest question.  When you spend god-knows how many years masquerading as something you're not, it pays to find the little details you might miss.

 "Body temperature."

 "Ah the one thing I can't change," he nods.  "Now, did you know, or did your brother tell you?"

 "I knew.  We did get pretty damned close.  Morgan told me what 'Samael' means."

 "Did it scare you?" he asks, amused.  He gets a lot of free entertainment at my expense. 
 "No," I lie.

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Author Info
I knew before I got to high school that I wanted to write books.  I did, too, dozens of short stories I thought someday I’d turn into novels.  Oh, how I wish I had those spiral notebooks full of wild ideas and teenage musings.
I still have the ideas from many of those stories – some of them make me cringe.  There are always new ideas too. Some are amazing, some are just silly. A few will become something more as I add books to my list of those that are published.
For now, I live in the desert and many nights, in between writing and sleep, you can find me out watching the stars.  It’s dark, out here in the desert and I can see so many stars that weren’t there before.  I make time to write now.  The tiny seeds of stories demand that I write them down.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.
                                               Other Books

The Wildblood series, a post-apocalyptic, science fiction, action adventure.

Backlash – Before there was team Three, there was the Blackout. (prequel novella)

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood
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