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Sunday Share PG13 Valentine's Sexy Scenes

The Romance of Valentine's Day
In which I share a few of my favorite sexy scenes
Excerpt #1: From Bound to You
He kissed her. Softly at first, his lips exploring hers, his hands tangled into her hair to hold her to him. She squeezed his jaw, her tongue swirling over his lips. He opened his mouth, and the minute her tongue touched his she felt a jolt of lust so strong her muscles stiffened and she moaned softly. His kiss deepened, and she lost her mind, just a little. She leaned into him, holding his mouth to hers so that she could have him. She crawled over him, pushing him back in the chair and straddling his hips, lowering herself until she sat cradled over him. His hand left her shoulders, cupping her butt and pushing her down against him. She rocked, and he groaned then, making her grin. Everywhere they touched it was like they had no clothes between them. No skin. They were so close they weren't separate anymore. She had a moment to wonder if it might hurt to pull apart. She felt the wild part of her growing, threatening to take her under. If she let it, she'd have him here and now in the chair. She had never wanted to strip and let a man inside her so much before. She rolled her hips over him again, her toes barely touching the floor to give her leverage. He squeezed her, and his lips left hers to drift over her neck and collarbone. He pulled back on her shirt to kiss and nip her skin, the sting of the bite so delicious against the soft of the kiss after. She took hold of his hair, curling her fingers into its mass and tugging a little. He stopped, and she kissed his neck, moving down over him until she bit down on his neck. He bucked his hips, and she laughed against his neck. His hands roved over back and butt, his mouth back on hers. She kissed him until she couldn't breathe, forgot how. She wanted him. Wanted more.
It was Jacks who stopped first. He kissed her again and held her face in his hands.
She blinked. The bond between them was blossoming with every touch. She ran her finger over his lips. He shook her a little.
She rolled her hips, and he closed his eyes, his jaw taunt. "God. Stop."
"I'm not afraid, Jacks."
"I am."

Excerpt #2: From Forged in Fire
He ran his hands over her back, relearning her delicate curves. She was steel under satin. Strong and soft. He nibbled her neck, grinning to hear the little moans of enjoyment she always made. He felt her hands on his neck, tangling in his hair and he moved his mouth, tracing her jaw and finally her lips. He'd forgotten how much he missed her lips. He kissed her, needing her to let him inside. She did and his tongue swept in, tasting as much of her as he could. He held her tight against him and she shook with desire. He touched her cheek, tracing the line where the bug had sliced her. It was faint now, and would be gone in a few days, but he kissed it anyway. She snuggled closer, her hands going to his cheeks to bring his mouth back to hers. She kissed him with fire, and he smiled against her mouth. She could pretend, but she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He slid his hands into her hair, and she froze. 
Gin pulled back, staring down at her wide, frightened eyes. He cursed himself and let go of her hair, pulling her close again. 
"I'm sorry." he whispered into her ear. Her hands wandered his arms, over his shoulders and down his back.
He shivered with the erotic caress across his neck. 
"Me too." 
He looked down at her as she cupped his cheeks in her hands, tracing his lips with her thumbs. He kissed her again, his eyes on hers. She caressed the ruined side of his face, and he tried to turn away, but she pulled him back. 
"I still love you, Gin." She said it with her eyes on his, tears in her eyes. He breathed deep, his nose full of Targalian spice and sweet Valeryan wine. His Raven. 
"I never stopped loving you, Raven." 
She kissed him, pushing him back on the bed and following him with her body. She was careful as she pulled off his shirt, her mouth following her hands across his chest to each scar. It was sweet torture. He pulled her shirt over her head, tracing her scars with his fingers as she grimaced.
"Beautiful." he said. She shrugged, her kisses more urgent.
"Gin, please." 
He grinned. She'd always been an impatient lover. He slid out of his pants, helping her out of hers. He couldn't catch his breath at the mishmash of scars that crisscrossed her inner thighs. She pulled him down over her, shaking her head.
"What's past is past, Gin. Promise me, we start fresh from here. A family." 
He framed her face with his hands, kissing her until they were breathless. He was dying to be inside her, but he wanted to make it last as long as he could. He'd dreamed of her for five years, wishing there was some miracle that could bring her back. His miracle had happened, and though he wasn't a praying man, he wasn't going to squander this gift. 


Excerpt #3: From The Alchemist's Kiss
“Cora.” This time strong arms wrapped round my shoulders. I leaned into his chest and turned my face to his shirt.
“I'm horrible, Icarus.” I shook with my rage.
“You're wonderful.” he assured me.
I pulled back, looking up at his face. God had carved it himself, I was sure. Every line, every angle and every plane, was perfect. I shook my head. “I'm not. I'm a bad person, Icarus. I am!”
“Stop this, Cora.” Even the lines between his brows was perfect. “What's got you going?”
“All I could think, when I saw Archie in that refuse heap ...” I trailed off and looked away, afraid that if I finished the thought it would make him see me as awful too.
“What did you think, Cora?” He tipped my chin, lifting my eyes to his.
“I was glad it wasn't you.”
I buried my head in his neck, the tears coming faster and harder now. I clutched him to me and prayed I'd never have to let go. He held me close and stayed quiet until I was done. I hiccuped once and wiped my eyes.
“So you see, I'm a terrible person.”
“You're not.” He leaned forward, kissing my forehead. “You, Cora Mae Jenkins, are that which every woman should strive to be.”
“A glocky nemmo?”
He laughed out loud, the sound shaking through my bones where he still held me against him. “Where do you learn these words, Cora?”
“Jimmy, the chimney sweep's son, told me what it means.”
“You are not a half-witted woman. I promise.” He stared down at me with intense blue eyes and I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted it so much that I even told the aether swirling around us. He didn't move, so I pulled him to me, pressing my lips against his.
I've talked with Jimmy more than a few times. He was always a fresh font of information, including what it felt like to kiss a woman you wanted to lie with. Just as Jimmy had promised, Icarus increased the pressure on my lips, his hands holding me as close as we could get. I closed my eyes, lost in the sensation of his skin on mine. It was as close as we'd ever been in all the six years we'd traveled together. I felt his tongue sweep across my lips and it was natural to open to him, as I'd always done.
The taste of him was cinnamon and musk. I kissed him until I was lost in the feeling, my head spinning with the magic between us. It was a shock to feel him pull away. The air between us was colder without him;  a slap to my face. It brought back some semblance of my sanity.
We were both breathing hard, and I covered my mouth with my hands, hoping to hold the feel of his lips on mine there forever.
He had a lost look on his face. It was some parts longing and some parts excitement like I'd only ever seen when he was working with magic.
I covered his lips with one hand, still covering my own with the other. I shook my head and moved away from him, even though it physically hurt to do it.
“Good night, Icarus.”




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