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ACOA Scavenger Hunt

Hi I’m AR DeClerck author of Alchemist's Kiss, and I’m your host for this stop in the tour.
This is your post for the ACOA Scavenger Hunt and I am pleased to be hosting MARGARET R BLAKE, in her post you will find a number, not in written text, but as a numerical number. Write it down and collect them all as you visit every post along the way. Good Luck!

Hello there, I’m Margaret R Blake, author of The Ring of Curses (#One in the Merlin’s School series), Sword of Stone (#Two in the Merlin’s School series – to be released very soon), RIVERBEND; A Collection of Fairy Tales and Other Stories, and BITS AND PIECES – An Anthology of Bits of Stories and Pieces of Poetry. I usually write children’s fantasy but have since branched out to try my hand at some other stuff as well (which is where BITS AND PIECES comes into play). All my books can be found on Amazon, Barns and Noble and Booktopia.

I have been writing for about twenty years or more now, but it is not my only hobby. I also like to indulge in some needlework on occasion and I love to read. I’m a bit of a movie buff as well when I get a moment to spare. All these things can be very inspiring and it doesn’t take much for the imagination to get cranked up. As horrifying as it might sound I am working on about a dozen books/novellas all up at this moment, with some in different genres, would you believe. I love the scope that I have to play with and the characters I can invent. It keeps my mind busy and my work varied. Currently I‘m concentrating on a YA novella and an adult fantasy novella, as well as # three in my Merlin’s School series.

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I’m to be your host for this stop in the tour and I invite you to take a wander around my site. I also include for your enjoyment a sample of my wares … from BITS AND PIECES … On the Cards 

‘I’ve had enough of this nonsense,’ Jenna spoke her former mental theories out loud, tossing a twenty dollar note onto the shabby table. She stood up so suddenly that the chair she had been sitting on fell backwards. It was only the soft surface of the grass that stopped the wooden seat from landing with a clatter.

For a long moment both women held their ground, eyes locked. The silence stiffened around them again; that was until the gypsy spoke once more.

‘I mean you no harm missy … but the cards say what they do. I’m only the messenger.’

‘I don’t care,’ Jenna objected angrily. ‘It’s all rubbish … utter rubbish! I don’t even know why I came in. I don’t even believe in this superstitious claptrap.’ 

‘The universe works in mysterious ways, my dear,’ the woman stated softly. ‘And everything is for a reason.’

‘Well I can see no reasoning behind what you have to say … universe or not. You … you, people … just ramble on about what you think we want to hear, though I must admit nobody wants to know about their own death.’

‘Hmmm … you are free to believe … or not!’ The gypsy shrugged, scooping up the two cards and shuffling them back into the deck. She then set them aside and folded her hands together on the table.

The atmosphere in the tent had now thickened to the consistency of glue and Jenna could stand it no longer. She turned without another word and pushed through the flap of the tent. Stopping outside she wiped her hand down the side of her fitted grey skirt as if the fabric of the small marquee had dirtied it, but she did not set off straight away. A wave of dizziness washed over her and for a split second she felt nauseous.

All in all she was sure that the amount of time she had spent with the obnoxious woman had only been minutes, but it had felt like so much longer. Taking a deep breath she decided to head back to the offices where she was employed.

Looking at her watch Jenna was surprised to see that it was only 2 thirty pm. She still had thirty minutes to kill before she was due back at her desk. A cold shiver ran down her spine. Not a good choice of words, she thought as she walked to the intersection of the street.

The city’s clock chimed once, verifying the half hour of one that Jenna had registered on her timepiece. Both Smythes and Brown were in court for the rest of the day and with most of her paperwork up to scratch Jenna had very little to do in her tiny work space. She wondered if she should go and have coffee instead - maybe window shop - or do something else of mind-numbing qualities to direct her consciousness away from the gypsy’s dire words. They seemed reluctant to leave her alone, even away from the restrictions of the Tarot reader’s domain.

Jenna sighed deeply. Who would have thought that a plain working day could have morphed into the beginnings of a major headache?

To win an e-book copy of this edition (sample above) please leave a message on my web site or Facebook page with the comment BITS AND PIECES. You will be then entered in the draw. The winner will be announced both here and on my Facebook page after the end of the blog hop. 

Now to the HOP! If you have read the easy steps on how to participate in ACABH - A Celebration of Author's Blog Hop hunt you will know by now that you have to find a number. So I urge you to read on with pen and paper in hand so that you can collect your clue from my site.

Scavenger Hunt Hint:

The number for your clue will not be written in text, but it will be numeral. Tally all the numbers you find during the hunt and tally them together. This final number will be an entry in the Rafflecopter on the ENTER HERE page on the official website -

If you get stuck along the way because you of a broken link, please visit the

Did you find the number? If you did, then click this author's link Margaret R. Blake and continue with the Scavenger Hunt! 


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