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Welcome, welcome! Today is a very special day in the galaxy and the residents of all eight planets will be happy to hear that I have our very own Sword Guardian Gin Draven with me in the studio. Gin is the leader of the military force protecting our galaxy, and a new father. Welcome, Gin!
Mr. Draven you look uncomfortable. Is something wrong?
No. I just don't like public speaking.
Come now, Mr. Draven. You are in charge of battalions of hardened soldiers every day. Surely a few million fans across the galaxy doesn't bother you.
Uh, yeah. Right. So what are we talking about today, anyway?
Very direct, Mr. Draven! Very well, today we are here to discuss your transformation from one of the most battle-hardened soldiers in the galaxy, feared and respected more than most, to the loving father, husband and family man we see today.
Is that what this is about? I thought we were discussing the latest military weapons? Who scheduled this interview? Was it Bry? I'm going to kick his ass!
Mr. Draven, we all know your best friend is the President of Dinara. What was it like growing up in a household of politicians?
The Mars were loving people. They took me in when I was a boy and fostered me until I joined up with the Swords. Bry is like my brother. Why does any of this matter, exactly? Are you a spy?
No, Mr. Draven, I assure you I'm not a spy. Inquiring minds want to know things about the Sword Guardian. You interest us.
I'm not sure why. I kill people. It's what I do.
We prefer to think of you as our protector. It is true that you married your wife, Maeve, in order to secure financing for the war effort, is it not? A political alliance that had a happy ending?
That's no one's god damned business! Besides, I knew Maeve a long time before we got married.
You had a daughter together five years before your marriage? A bit risqué for the daughter of the Valeryan Prime Minister, isn't it? An un-wed mother alone and defenseless?
(laughs) Yeah, right. Maeve has never been defenseless. If she was here right now she'd kick your ass just for suggesting it.
I've met your wife on many occasions and she seems a lovely woman. Are you telling me that she is as much a warrior as you are?
Hell, she's more. We were marooned on an asteroid outside Likyra when the Boderians shot us down leaving the Concordia outpost. She saved my life, fought off a fucking monster arthropod, and managed to get us rescued by a ship full of Corsairs.
It's interesting you mention the Corsairs, Mr. Draven. It seems that the ship WindRunner has disappeared and no one can find Tyr Neese or his crew. Do you know anything about where they might have gone?
Even if I did, I wouldn't say. The man's suffered enough. He wants to be left alone, he'll be left alone.
You're a new father, Mr. Draven. Your son was recently born on Prioni. Is that where you plan to make your home now?
Prioni is a special place for Maeve and I, and we'll spend some time there. With Charon and Luna we have our hands full at the moment.
Your daughter has professed many times that she will grow up and follow in her father's footsteps as Sword Guardian of Dinara. Does this please you?
Hell no. The last thing I want is for my baby girl to see the kind of shit I've seen. I'll tie her up and send her to the Boderian homeworld before I condone her becoming a Sword.
Is it true that your wife has convinced you to allow Swords to marry? And that women should be allowed among their ranks?
If you know my wife you know she usually gets what she wants. We are currently in the process of revising some of the old Sword rules.
Last but not least, Mr. Draven, can you tell me what being a Sword means to you?
Steel is forged in fire.
Hardened by hatred,
Tempered by blood.
Seasoned by shame,
Sharpened by death.
These are the words of my father.
Yesterday I was the man.
Today I am the sword.
We all know the oath of the Sword Guardian, Mr. Draven. But what does it mean to you?
It means you pledge your life to the protection of the innocent, the destruction of the enemy, and the safety of this galaxy. We still feel, we still bleed, but we persevere. We don't have the choices that civilians have. We are Swords.
Thank you, Gin Draven, for speaking with me today. It's been an eye-opening interview and I hope the rest of our listeners will agree that you, sir, are a true hero.
You're welcome, but I'm nobody's hero. I'm just a man with a job and a reason to do it well.





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  1. That fellow was so interesting that I bought the book. Well done! AR!

  2. Isn't it? He just doesn't get why anyone would ask personal questions about him. He is so sure no one really cares about that stuff, like he's a celebrity or something!

  3. Ooh, I'm looking forward to Gin's story!

    1. He is a favorite hero. I still cry a little when I read this book.

  4. Great interview. We get to see what he's really like. Can't wait to read this.

  5. Well, he sounds a very tricky fellow to get a straight answer from!

  6. Well ladies... Gin IS sexy, and pretty tricky! He doesn't give away secrets easily-- which makes Maeve an even more interesting woman!

  7. Well ladies... Gin IS sexy, and pretty tricky! He doesn't give away secrets easily-- which makes Maeve an even more interesting woman!

  8. Interesting interview. I thought you captured the feeling of how a military man (such as he is) would react to being interviewed on these topics!

  9. LOL. I enjoyed his truculence.



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