Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Snippet from

Bound to You


Lia opened her eyes. She must have fallen asleep, her body lulled by the hum of the machine and the beating of Jacks' heart. She licked her lips, wishing she had some water. The air inside the machine was cool, but dry, and she felt parched.
She lifted her head, and saw that Jacks, too, had fallen asleep. She tried not to disturb him as she shifted, her legs feeling a little numb. She froze as her gaze went back to his face.
He was pale, his lashes dark crescents against his cheeks. When she'd lain down against him he'd been flushed with anger, his chin a stubborn curve. Now he seemed worn, the lines on his skin prominent. She reached for him, running a finger over his stubble. He didn't move, and she felt a sudden rush of panic. She scooted up, her face near his. She was close, feeling for any hint of breath from his lips.
"No no no no." she murmured, placing her palm against his mouth. "Don't do this."
She shook his shoulders, and tried to muffle a cry as his head lolled to the side.
"Jacks." She shook him again but he didn't answer. Her fingers went to the pulse in his neck, but his heart wasn't beating.
"Jacks, please don't do this." She tried to keep calm, her heart pounding against her ribs. "Don't fucking die on me." She placed her lips against his, breathing deep into his lungs. His chest rose, but he didn't respond. Her tears landed on his face, splashing against his cheeks, but he didn't move a muscle.
The machine was still running. She could feel it pulling from her, and she knew it must be taking her energy from Jacks.
"Turn it off!" she cried out, hoping someone could hear. Maybe Layl was outside, her mind kept insisting. He would hear her. "Turn it off, it's killing him!"
Jacks wasn't gone. She could feel his presence in the bond, but he was slipping as the machine continued to steal away the energy that sustained him.
"Turn this fucking thing off!" she screamed again. Her breath was harsh, and she lay back, kicking her feet against the dome above them. She kicked it, hard. "Let me out!"
As if reading her thoughts the dome slid back and the hum of the machine died out. Lia breathed in the deep dank scent of the old air and she felt dizzy as her heart ran a marathon in her chest. She threw her legs from the machine, dropping to the ground and groaning as they nearly gave out. She held on to the side of the machine and grabbed Jacks' hand, trying to force energy into his body.
The bond resisted her. She closed her eyes, breathing deep to calm herself. Maybe she wasn't doing it right because she was too scared. She tried again, and cursed when his end of the bond resisted the energy again.
She leaned over him, putting her hands on his cheeks. "Take it." she whispered vehemently. "Take the energy, Jacks."
She pushed it at him again, but it rebounded back to her. She was shaking, every muscle in her body trembling.
"You son of a bitch."
He was resisting the energy purposely. He'd shut her out, to make sure that the machine couldn't drain her life as well.

For a sneak peek at the sound track behind the story click below.

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