Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Teaser: A Contemporary Coffee-Time Love Story

Sorry! I'm not going to tell you the title-YET.

(Release date SOON)


We ate in silence, the food amazing and the twinkle of the lights of the city lulling through the windows. Sometime in the middle of the meal it began to rain, the drops trailing lazily over the glass making patterns in the light. The candlelight caressed Mac's face, and I thought to myself that I had never had a more romantic moment in my entire life. Stuff like this only happened fairy tales and on Hallmark movies.
When the waiter took our empty plates away he left the dessert menu, but I didn't need to look at it to know that what I wanted was not listed there. I clasped Mac's hand on the table and sipped the last of my wine. I leaned against his shoulder and watched the rain.
“Does this night have to end?” I wondered aloud.
“It is pretty great.” He dropped his arm over the back of my chair again and I leaned against his chest. “Irissa?”
“Can I take you home with me tonight?”
I pulled back to look up at him. “I thought you'd never ask.”
He leaned forward to kiss me, his lips on mine until the waiter cleared his throat and placed the bill on the table with a wink in my direction. Mac dropped cash into the wallet and grabbed my hand.
“I'll pull the car around.”
I followed him to the front of the restaurant and waited as he jogged into the driving rain. I slipped on my coat and watched the window.
“Excuse me.”
I turned when a tall man with salt and pepper hair approached.
“Are you the young lady who was dining with Donovon McCleary's son?”
The man's hand went into his coat pocket, and I tensed, but he removed a plain white envelope and held it out to me.
“Would you mind giving this to him?”
“I'm sorry, who are you?”
The man shook the envelope at me. “A business associate. I'd hoped to catch Mr. McCleary here but if you could deliver this for me, I'd be much obliged.”
I took the envelope and looked at it. “What is it?”
“Something he's been waiting for.”
I opened my mouth, but the man turned and walked away quickly. I looked down at the envelope and frowned. I glanced up when Mac came in, soaked to the skin but smiling at me.
“What's wrong?” He lost his smile when he saw my frown.
“A man just came up to me and asked me to give this to you.”
He took the envelope and looked at me. “Did he bother you?”
“No. It was strange, though, he never did say who he was. Older, fifties, with salt and pepper hair and glasses.”
Mac frowned and looked at the envelope.
“He said he was a business associate.”
“Well if it's business then it can wait until tomorrow.” Mac tucked the envelope inside my clutch and handed it back to me. “Tonight I have plans with my girl.”
He grabbed my hand and I followed him out to the car, sliding over the leather as the rain pounded on the roof. Mac got behind the wheel and started the car, leaning over to kiss me hard. I leaned against him, not caring if his rain-soaked shirt pressed against me. He grabbed my hand, placing it on the fly of his pants, where I could feel the evidence of how much he wanted me.
“See how much of a fun distraction you are?”
I stroked him gently through his pants, making him stiffen and drop his head to the headrest. “I see that.”
“Maybe you can help ease my suffering?”
I pulled my hand away and moved back to my own seat, buckling my belt and casually raising a shoulder. “We'll have to see.”
He groaned and cursed under his breath, but he was smiling. “You're a tease, Irissa Daniels.”
I pouted in his direction. “Only a little.”
(c) Amy Riddle-DeClerck 2015



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