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DOLOR is a top 50 finalist in the 2016 Neoverse Writing Contest, and my
gift to you.
Vixen woke from a nightmare only to realize that it wasn't a
nightmare at all. It was her life. Somehow she would have to learn
to survive without El. Somehow.

(10,000 words)

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An Enduring Sun

Sharyn Moran vowed never to see another starving child in the ERCA territories. During her newest mission she was caught stealing a bike, and she thought she was about to be turned over to the men who were chasing her. The stranger surprised her by offering to help. An accident in the desert injured them both, and they ended up at his remote home with his isolated family.
Ren and his family have many secrets, and Sharyn knows better than most how hard they are to keep.


A mysterious wormhole took everything from Dr. Rand Hazen, and it left him wandering the far future in the last days of humanity. The world is about to end, but none of it matters if he can't find HER.

Releases 3/26/17 
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Fall into Magic Paranormal & UF Collection 2nd Edition

11 best-selling authors offer full length novels to readers at a great price!

Includes JUDGE & JURY by AR DeClerck.

Demons have ravaged thousands of worlds before setting
their sights on Earth. Humans have one hope for survival:
The Lexicon. But, she's more than our hero bargained for
when he realizes she's a witch with more power
than they both know what to do with!

Lavinia is the goddess of Love, and she is dying. Plagued by the only illness that can kill a god, her hope lies in the one man who wants to forget her.

Sheridan Adara needs to get home to her sister, and Kai Zoku is her only option. Something about Kai stirs Sheridan's heart, and makes her forget her vows to stay away from men who never take anything seriously. On the way to her home they encounter an ancient prophecy and the possible end to existence. The Old Gods are rising. Ragnarok has begun.

Jacks Baine is a man with a gift, and he has no problem selling it to the highest bidder. He travels to a desolate planet at the edge of the December Quadrant on his newest mission, and he encounters things he never thought he'd see. A woman who stirs all his passion, and a monster who makes him fear for their future.

Soldier Gin Draven has been ordered to marry a Princess, and he doesn't give a shit. As long as he gets to fight his war, and win, he could care less about who he marries. Until he discovers that the woman he must marry is the very woman who cost him his eye, and his heart, five long years ago.

London, 1869.  Alchemist Icarus Kane has finally returned home to his beloved London, ready to settle down in peace. He has begun to realize his growing love for his protege, Cora Mae, and things are beginning to look up for Icarus until a dark presence makes him nervous. A black mage has arrived in the city, HIS city, and he threatens Icarus' greatly-coveted future.

Archimedes Merriweather and Lady Lucia Conti finally have a moment to entertain
the idea of a courtship, but the arrival of a dark mage in Kensington
threatens to topple their newfound happiness. Archie will do anything
to keep his Lady safe, and she will do anything to save him.

Jessy Smith found a home with Bas DeMarco and his Gifted family, but ten years later a vicious whisper threatens everything they have built together. Scared for the lives of her friends, Jessy left Bas. Now she's back, and she needs his help, but the whisper is back, too and it won't let Jessy stay with Bas for long.

Enjoy this 3 novel, 1 novella, bundle that highlights the best of AR DeClerck's adventure romance! Featuring Bound to You, Desolation, The Alchemist's Kiss and a bonus steampunk novella The Clockwork Countenance.

Irissa Daniels wants nothing more than to finish her term paper and graduate, freeing her
from her two jobs and endless days of classes. When a sexy stranger spills coffee
on her papers, it soon becomes clear to Rissa that love in the time of coffee
is never as easy as it sounds.

Infinite Possibilities Box Set: The Clockwork Countenance
Ember Addams is a woman living many lives in many times, through many genres.  In her steampunk life she has a clockwork love, and she would do anything to save her Reginald. Anything.


Merely This & Nothing More
Things of the Future

A collection of famous EAP works, punked for your reading enjoyment. My installment is Things of the Future (Mellonta Tauta) in which a man who has spent his life aboard an airship finally sees LAND for the first time. History is what we make of it.

This is a charity anthology, with all proceeds going to Animal Rescue!

Volumes of first chapters by amazing scifi romance authors. Try-before-you-buy
samplers for FREE on all outlets. Volume 4 includes the first chapter of Bound to You,
and Volume 6 includes the first chapter of Alchemist's Kiss. PLUS fun bonus material!




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