Author Biography


Wife. Mother. Award-winning author. Reading ninja. Food assassin. All-around goofball.
Self-proclaimed nerd.

And proud of it!

AR DeClerck is a harried madwoman with one good eye, a limp, and nineteen children. Ok, ok,  she squints often, limps a little, and has two daughters. The harried madwoman part stands!

AR was born and raised in Western North Carolina, amidst grand mountains and gorgeous scenery. She now lives along the mighty Mississippi in Illinois with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, and a cat.

AR believes that LOVE is the greatest adventure a person can experience. She writes adventure romance, and puts her characters through hell before they can finally be together. She loves reading great books, watching movies and music videos, and listening to an eclectic variety of music.

AR is a dialysis technician, and she spends her days helping people with kidney disease lead productive, healthier lives.

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